Unique Products Found While Traveling The World

Our products are genuine, handmade by traditional artisans. We are Nosy Nomads who travel the world searching for high quality products that are unique, a part of a culture, tradition or simply beautiful items that can be of interest to people around the world. We hope you'll enjoy your original Nosy Nomad products as much as we do!

Copper is an excellent conductor, meaning that cold or heat spreads rapidly through the material. It is used all over the world as high-efficiency conductor of heat. More than any other metal, copper can diffuse heat evenly and conduct it quickly throughout its surface. Hence, it brings quickly water to a boil, and loses that heat just as fast. This makes it a great material for the preparation of Turkish coffee.

The mentioned responsiveness is also great for cooking and frying, because it gives the pots and pans a nimbleness and agility that can be very useful for delicate proteins like fish and seafood, as well as sauces, caramel, and chocolate.

Copper is also a great material for cold drinks; the cups and mugs don’t really make the drink colder but keep it cold for longer as well as make the drink seem colder than other materials.

In other cases, copper is used as a decoration on everyday use pieces. Copper sets are carefully etched with elaborate designs by Turkish artisans. Each piece looks like a work of art, attractive as decoration or when used, which makes it a wonderful gift.